dee​​Fuzion limited 
Fused Art Glass by Dee Bunge​​​​
  1. 4 Panel Blue Dish
    4 Panel Blue Dish
    Did you know that glass comes in powder form, too? And furthermore, this dish is an example of what powdered glass can look like! Approx 8.5" square, this dish has been fired multiple times to achieved its look.
  2. Kente Cloth Elephant
    Kente Cloth Elephant
    Stopping to survey her surroundings, this majestic elephant is backdropped by kente cloth-inspired glass. Piece is approx 10" tall by 10" wide, and glass is adhered securely to the display base.
  3. Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude
    Hang Ten, Dude! This skinny-legged gent is ready to hit the surf. Piece is approximately 12" tall by 10" wide. Glass sits securely in its display base.
  4. Cherry Blossom Sushi Dish
    Cherry Blossom Sushi Dish
    Dappled with pinks and cloudy whites, this dish is sure to please.
My name is Dee Bunge.
I am a Fused Glass Artist.
 In addition to being a glass artist, I am a world traveler and dancer at heart, and as such, am stimulated by the lyricism and interplay of global cultural rhythms.  I enjoy working with glass both because it is beautiful and reflective, but also because it is a medium that has been used for centuries.  When I work, I feel I am able to tap into the global collective unconscious and access the artistry of a Murano glass blower and the vision of a Chartres stained glass master. 

I also like glass because it exists at so many intersections - or fusions. It can be hard and sharp, or soft and smooth. It is fragile yet durable. And while it was one of the first luxuries created by man, now it is utilitarian and omnipresent. And these intersections fascinate me. 

And so I like to create traditional and modern, time-honored and progressive, and serious and fun. Please enjoy my collection.